Safe Communities

I believe in a bold vision that tackles poverty rates and addresses crime as a symptom of the lack of economic opportunity in our community. Too many of our neighbors are living paycheck to paycheck, working longer hours for lower wages. A safe community free from crime means creating policies that uplift and empower our community such as protecting workers rights, and expanding affordable housing.

Addressing Our Affordable Housing Crisis

Miami-Dade County is in an affordable housing crisis – we rank first when it comes to the percentage of renters paying more than 30% of their income on rent. We must ensure that those that work in Miami-Dade – our teachers, firefighters, wait staff, nurses, custodial workers, police officers, clerks – can afford to live here. I believe in a countywide approach to affordable housing by partnering with advocacy groups and developers to identify vacant public land and reshape zoning codes.

Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion impacts the quality of life in Miami-Dade County. We need a comprehensive approach to transit that includes addressing gridlock on our highways and neighborhood streets, investing in public transit, including new rail and bus routes that connect our communities.


Here in Miami-Dade County, the growing threat of climate change and our aging infrastructure pose long-term threats to our community. We need to care for our planet, prioritize sustainable development policies that protect our environment, and make sustainable investments in our infrastructure. 


Clean water and healthcare are human rights. We need to invest in our healthcare infrastructure, prioritize access to healthy food, and protect our water supply. Especially as we emerge from this pandemic, parks and green space will remain an important part of our community’s infrastructure, and we need to invest more in these spaces to ensure they’re accessible to all residents.